Outgoing calls

To reduce the cost of long-distance or international calls allow SIP-telephony from Vivaldi Telecom. The service is available anywhere there is Internet access.

What is SIP, and how does it work?

SIP telephony - a technology that allows the use of conventional telephony over the Internet. When you call the voice is converted into compressed data packets that get to the destination on the Internet and then decoded back into words. This technology allows you to significantly reduce the load on the network and thereby reduce the cost of the call. The connection is made in a split second, there are no problems with congestion of communication lines and with minimal extraneous noise on the line.

One major advantage of SIP-telephony for businesses is that the network can use their employees and customers, regardless of their location, both within Russia and abroad.Each subscriber is assigned a unique number that can be found all over the planet.

For SIP-telephony you can use a special equipment as well as conventional means of communication such as the computer, mobile phone or even a landline telephone:

 You can use SIP-application for mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). All that is needed for communication sessions - is a stable access to the Internet. You need a channel of 8 kbit/s for high-quality voice communication. Sustainable Compound give Wi-Fi-connection (provided that it is running on the router connected to DSL or fiber optic link), as well as 3G and 4G-standards.

Easy to use SIP-devices that look like a regular analog phone. Configuring SIP-connection is carried out easily enough - according to the enclosed instructions, as well as supplier's instructions. When choosing the corresponding device it is important to buy one that is compatible with the internet access technology.

The SIP-adapter (Voice Gateway) - a small device acts as a "mediator" between the conventional analog telephones and Internet channel. Models can be used for connecting multiple telephones if necessary.

A computer connected to the Internet - the easiest way to take advantage of SIP-telephony. The programs allow you to make and receive calls in the process of communication with other SIP-subscribers or persons using a conventional telephone.

 Stable connection to the Internet is the main condition for high-quality work in any format of SIP-telephony. SIP-telephony - a complete service for the organization of communication within the office, at home, easy way to save money when traveling abroad, to communicate with friends and business partners in other countries - you are sure soon!